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If you are looking for the Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android, it is available HERE. This page is for the PC emulator!

Here we always want to offer something special. That is why we now launch a new category, named Specials, which will have special hacks that you can use for different purposes. Our first launch is the Nintendo 3DS Emulator, which will allow you to play ANY Nintendo 3DS game on your Android or on your PC. It is a guarantee that you will not encounter any problems or bugs since we basically transform the Nintendo games to PC games and to make things even better, the emulator will make your effects and animations much more fluid and faster.

The Nintendo 3DS Emulator was created for those that remember the old games and that had so much fun with them!

Instructions on how to use the emulator:

  1. Download from below
  2. Extract the file in the archive
  3. Launch 3DS Emulator.EXE
  4. Copy and then install the .apk files if you want to run on Android
  5. Just load the rom file of the game that you want to play
  6. Click Play
  7. Play the game

Download The Nintendo 3DS Emulator For PC Here:

Download button now Nintendo 3DS Emulator


Download Instructions

We use a secured, token based download server. After clicking the download button you will be taken to a new page that is only accessible for you for 15 minutes. Follow on-page instructions to download!

Alternate Download

Alternate Download 2!

Download button now Nintendo 3DS Emulator

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