HearthStone Heroes Of Warcraft Beta Key Generator

heartthstone beta key generator8th february 2014 Update: The HearthStone Beta Key Generator is no longer that useful since the game is in open BETA mode in many different countries. You can now use the HearthStone Hack created by our friends at New Online Game Hacks HERE.

We are very happy to offer a highly popular HearthStone Heroes of Warcraft Beta key generator that will give you access to the latest WOW based game, one that is incredibly fun and that will make you play for hours and hours at the end of the day. This game is basically a card game that you can play on your PC and that uses the World of Warcraft world in a really fast paced and highly entertaining environment. Although the game is still in BETA, you now have access and you can play as much as you can. To make things even better, the keys that are generated are actually original BETA keys for HeartStone. This means that you will be allowed to use them and keep playing the game even after the official launch, with the benefits associated with the BETA account. In the event that you do not know what HearthStone is, here is the gameplay trailer:

I have to add that I have been playing HearthStone for a long time now and I have a few legendaries that are awesome. A friend of mine that I gave one of these beta keys to is even stronger then me, managing to get to rank 2 in the last arena season, which is quite great. He plays a warlock with the murlock rush. My priest sometimes wins but on the whole, that deck is quite great. If you can, gather all the murlock cards, combine with some of the imps and you will win most of the ranked HearthStone games that you end up playing

 HearthStone World Of Warcraft Beta Key Generator Features:

  • Official keys generated from the Battle.net server
  • Impossible to get banned
  • Auto-Update – new keys added daily
  • Works on all PCs – MAC Or Windows

How To Use And Download The HearthStone Key Generator:

  1. Download the Key Generator from the links below
  2. Follow the on-page instructions to unlock the download – we had to do this. As you know, such keys are not normally offered for free. Some even sell them for $50 on EBAY.
  3. Extract the Key Generator from the archive
  4. Run it
  5. Enter your play server (US or EU) – battle.net server not HearthStone server – all players in HearthStone are now on the US server
  6. Click Generate
  7. Go to your Battle.net account and go to the HearthStone game
  8. Enter your key and gain access
  9. Start downloading the game and play it for free

Download HearthStone Beta Key Generator:


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