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How to Play Clash of Lords 2 Overviews

Clash of Lords 2 is a genre of mobile gaming strategy developed by IGG.COM (Developers Castle Clash). Its gameplay was arguably similar to Castle Clash, in which the player must build a village, villagers attacked the opponent, build a Guild, chat along with other friends in multiplayer fiur. But actually a lot of things that make Clash of Lords 2 different games like. In our opinion, after playing this game around in the time span of one week,

The most exciting is that we can strike or conduct raid at any time without waiting for the build troops. Hero characters that there could even be invited to fight at will without any time limit, as long as they remain alive. Even if we die when war hero, he will live again with just wait a few seconds in the hometown. Now, instead we spit thrill to play the game is touted as one of the candidates had the Clash of Clans, it is better just see the tips and tricks that you can play Clash of Lords 2 more smoothly and challenging!


The Basics Clash of Lords

There are several things important to consider when beginning to build the village and recruit hero character.

Here are things to remember:

Level, obtained by EXP times of war or build buildings.
Gold, a major resource to build buildings.
Soul, to upgrade mercenary hero.
Ring, to upgrade skills or purchase herocard instant hero.
Trophy, the trophy we can win.

Attack Modes

We want to attack, you will be faced with three options. Note those options:

Dungeon here is the campaign mode. You will on enemies arranged in such and will gain a level more fast than in other modes.

Lords League
Here you will fight with another player. However, please note that you will not get gold at all. Which is obtained only trophy.

Resource Raid
As the name suggests, you will focus on resource raid or gold from your opponent. However, you will be charged each time to attack in this mode.

Character Hero

Keep in mind, Hero is an essential character in this game. They can be used while fighting and keep building. There are several types of categories of heroes in this game, ranging from Normal, Good, Rare, Epic, until most especially, Special. In addition, when we fight, hero we will also be accompanied by a mercenary who will vary depending on the level of race can also be raised. Each hero also has his own skills, his skill level can be raised.

How To Play and Win Clash of Lords 2

Make sure when installing and opening this game, you are already logged in your Facebook account.
The first step that must be done as soon as possible is a wake-up Town Hall, Heroes Hall, Gold Mine, Gold Vault, and wake Builder Shack to obtain enough workers at least two.
Make a raid into the opponent to earn Hero / Gold / EXP / Jewel
Make Fusion (combined) your hero character to increase the level of HP and ATK that are not easily lost
Search Gold select Attack – Resources Raid
Search Trophy select Attack – Lords League
Jewel thrifty use because it is difficult to come by, and do not use to speed up the building or generate Leader who has lost a fight. Use to swap 450 Jewel with 3 Hero. If lucky, you can get Artic Lord greatest hero.


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