Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android

nintendo 3ds emulator - android version update

nintendo 3ds emulator for android in actionThe biggest problem was the fact that the Nintendo 3DS Emulator run pretty slow on some Android devices. This is due to a technical problem that was identified and solved. After conducting the necessary tests, we can now say that the new emulator version works perfectly on all Android devices. However, if your configuration is not strong enough, you will have some problems with the latest Nintendo 3DS games. With newer smartphone models launched after 2000 that will not be a problem.

Below you can find instructions on how to download and use the Nintendo 3DS Emulator. You do need the Nintendo 3DS BIOS files. We also made some tweaks there and you will have better results. Now we can GUARANTEE that you can play any Nintendo 3DS game on your Android device.

How to use the Android Nintendo 3DS Emulator:

  1. Click the download button below
  2. Click on one of the offers/surveys that appear
  3. Complete the free offer/survey in the new window according to on-page instructions to prove you are human – sorry, we have to do this or we would end up with a lot of bandwidth use from those that are not interested or automated download robots
  4. Download starts automatically
  5. Download the archive
  6. Extract the 3DS BIOS files
  7. Put the files in the SD Card root on the mobile device
  8. Install the .APK file
  9. Copy the 3DS ROM file to the same folder
  10. Run the Emulator
  11. Load any Nintendo 3DS ROM you want (it has to be in the root or on the SD card root)

Thank you for your support and for the constant feedback you send in. You make this emulator better today.

Latest Update – different bugs were solved. We would like to thank you for your feedback. We understand that the Emulator for Nintendo 3DS is far from perfect but we do all that we can to improve it. This is a work in progress and it is normal to end up faced with some games not being compatible. However, thanks to your support, we now guarantee that you can play 95% of all Nintendo 3DS games on your Android device. If you notice any bugs, make sure that you contact us through the email address included in the help file inside the archive you downloaded above.

Download Here:

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