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Trick Play Games Boom Beach and Review Without Diamond


After getting huge success of some kinds of game titles pocket Clash of Clans and Hay Day, the game developer Supercell did not stop innovating. As a result, the Finnish developer has finally released a new game with the theme of war strategy called Boom Beach.


This time the theme was the atmosphere of war with the terrain along the waterfront secluded island. is Players will be required to be a high ranking troops coming in a seaside village and set up camp defense. The story continues when hordes of evil that calls itself Blackguard come and want to colonize every place on the island chain. With the help of our forces must be able to defend themselves while expanding our territory.

Which is a key differentiator Boom Beach with CoC addition to the theme of his battles but also the Clan system is abolished. But to play with Beachers (called Boom Beach players online) can still be done.

Initially Supercell first released as a game Boom Beach #iOs but in the mid 2014’s the end game comes also to the users of the gadget #android. Regarding the specifications of the gadget which has minimal use of android version 4.0 and above. And do not forget to provide spare to accommodate memory of 46 MB this game.

You yourself will play as a captain who must fight against the powers Blackguard which controls each island in your region. The inhabitants of the island were kidnapped into slavery. Well, it’s your job to free them all by attacking each island one by one with the troops that you have.


Feature Game Boom Beach

Some of the main features presented game Boom Beach namely:

Various themed folder beaches and tropical island that holds many challenges.
Real time online system that makes it possible to play along with thousands of others around the world Beachers.
Blackguard attacks from bases scattered in various parts of the archipelago.
Coin system and crystals to upgrade in-game items.

Boom Beach is also where players arrange their own headquarters is wrapped by a small island. Only, this game still relies IAP or in-app-purchases, that we have to spend some money to buy a Diamond that the construction and development Trooper settled quickly.

Well, now I’ll share a few tips and advice so that you can with a terrific play Boom Beach without diamond.


Vault (Storage Facility) is the most important thing

In Boom Beach, Vault should you continue to upgrade in order to reach the highest level, because the higher the level of Vault that you have, then the more resource that can be secured from the opponent’s attack.

Another reason why the Vault is very important for you to upgrade as much as possible is the island that has become a base you will not be protected by a shield like the Clash Of Clans. So whenever and anybody could easily attack your base.

Do Glued to Upgrade Headquarter


As we know, that every Headquarter Upgrade Experience levels require different Ponts. Well, the only way to improve the Experience Points are a way to upgrade on each building, such as the Gold Produce, Wood and Vault, it will by itself resources needed to upgrade Headquarter aka fulfilled.

Do not Hurry, Be patient

Here is the point he exclaimed, when troops attacked you die when you need to upgrade or even a building for a long time, please be patient and just wait, do not act rashly to use the Diamond you have, especially if you have issued a ‘pocket’ to buy a sack of Diamond.
By waiting and patience, we can have a look around and looking for ideas for the next attack, and this game does not require people to get bored quickly. Because you have a real life, enjoy.

Smart and Engineered in choosing Troopers

You need to know about Trooper is how they work when attacking. Each Trooper has a way of attacking different, note range, and damage his health. Before you attack, note, any weapon that will be encountered and approximately Trooper what is suitable to deal with such weapons.

At this point, of the expertise and skill you will be prosecuted in choosing Trooper who really can destroy the opponent’s defense. Not only Trooper, strategies and the exact timing will make you stronger in attack.

Learning from defeat, Watch Replay!

No Base is really strong, all Base would be defeated, including our own Base. Only, of course there are ways to fix these shortcomings, namely by looking at how the enemy to attack, from which, through which, using what and how, of course all that we can see from Replay.
Each of us is attacked, it will be seen Logs her, whether defended or raided, and there is no option to ‘Replay’, please learn and improve and do not repeat previous mistakes.

Focus Upgrade Landing Craft and gunboat!

Why do I recommend this? Due to the more and more frequent in the Upgrade Landing Craft, it forces you to be more and more, and of course you attack will become stronger.


Besides Landing Craft, do not forget to upgrade its gunboat also, let attacks more steady. Because both of these are a tool for us to attack the enemy.

Upgrade and Expand Statue, It’s Important!

Many have put aside Statue, these statues are not so noticeable contribution if they are in the lower level, but if you are devoted to this Statue upgrade, then the result will look.

With the Statue, you can get a wide range of additional powers, such as additional blood or even damage your troops will increase, which is more interesting, you can loot so many times.

8 Ball Pool Tool Hack free Coins and Cash for Android


8 Ball Pool has become one of the game that you can on your phone either the smartphone and tablet android. Yes this game into one of the authors in the mid-2016’s. The user does not bear responsibility billiard game is very popular in the international world. If at first glance anyway they love the features that exist in this game. we will review in detail the Billiard Game Online 8 Ball Pool from Miniclip this. Let us examine at length before you decide to install it on your Smartphone.

Why 8 Ball Pool Billiard become the Hottest Games 2016

The definitive answer is this game is a lot of features that are in it. In addition, this game played online though the term is apparently can also be played offline. but of course the line will always be more fun is not it?

Features feature 8 ball pool hack coins Billiard Game is divided into several parts to be authors explain in the following article. broadly divided into online features offline, multi-player online, play with friends of social media such as facebook, purchase stick [cues] and also free coins. Intrigued by his review full picture of all readers.

Features Online and Offline Game 8 Ball Pool

In the game of snooker game is apparently already given several options to all of you who really want billiards games online or offline. nah Simply put if you are offline it will enter training mode alias exercise. Well asiknya this dimode you will be able to play snooker ability to train individually before going into online mode.

While the Online mode is clearly the most exciting features in this Billiard game. You will be able to play with different players from any country in the world. the game is divided into several parts selection stake [minimum bet] from the earliest of 50 coin up to the top its own 15 million coins. just select coins according to the budget you just let me be able to play this game continuously.

Play with friends Social media

8-ball-with-friendBilliard game also has no additional features such features to play with our friends. yes asiknya to play in this mode we can challenge his friends we were there this digame. but if it has yet to play this game we can ask our friends to play this game. Let’s invite friends to play games snooker cool.


Features 8 Ball Online Tournaments

For those of you who are already good at and get ready to become a superhero then you’d better come billiard tournament. yes with you guys in the tournament here will be a lot of cash and also stick cool after you defeat opponents opponent. of course, this feature can only be played online only. the shortcomings of this feature is that we are apparently long played a tournament. so if it is more relaxed and ready to focus on the tournament went along comrades.


Features Purchase Stick Billiard 8 Ball Pool

Do not forget to Shop features the shape of a basket in this game. There you can purchase a variety of sticks sticks Billiard super cool and super great course. The stick is divided into several parts: sticks or general standard, premium sticks, sticks collection, and country clubs. certainly if you want to buy it can by using a coin coins that you get when winning a game from your online enemies. besides that we also can get the stick to buying with cash. but even so use the free also less great. well for those of you who already want to try it please download and install from the link below Google PlayStore 8 Pool Miniclip

How to Play Clash of Lords 2 Overviews


Clash of Lords 2 is a genre of mobile gaming strategy developed by IGG.COM (Developers Castle Clash). Its gameplay was arguably similar to Castle Clash, in which the player must build a village, villagers attacked the opponent, build a Guild, chat along with other friends in multiplayer fiur. But actually a lot of things that make Clash of Lords 2 different games like. In our opinion, after playing this game around in the time span of one week,

The most exciting is that we can strike or conduct raid at any time without waiting for the build troops. Hero characters that there could even be invited to fight at will without any time limit, as long as they remain alive. Even if we die when war hero, he will live again with just wait a few seconds in the hometown. Now, instead we spit thrill to play the game is touted as one of the candidates had the Clash of Clans, it is better just see the tips and tricks that you can play Clash of Lords 2 more smoothly and challenging!


The Basics Clash of Lords

There are several things important to consider when beginning to build the village and recruit hero character.

Here are things to remember:

Level, obtained by EXP times of war or build buildings.
Gold, a major resource to build buildings.
Soul, to upgrade mercenary hero.
Ring, to upgrade skills or purchase herocard instant hero.
Trophy, the trophy we can win.

Attack Modes

We want to attack, you will be faced with three options. Note those options:

Dungeon here is the campaign mode. You will on enemies arranged in such and will gain a level more fast than in other modes.

Lords League
Here you will fight with another player. However, please note that you will not get gold at all. Which is obtained only trophy.

Resource Raid
As the name suggests, you will focus on resource raid or gold from your opponent. However, you will be charged each time to attack in this mode.

Character Hero

Keep in mind, Hero is an essential character in this game. They can be used while fighting and keep building. There are several types of categories of heroes in this game, ranging from Normal, Good, Rare, Epic, until most especially, Special. In addition, when we fight, hero we will also be accompanied by a mercenary who will vary depending on the level of race can also be raised. Each hero also has his own skills, his skill level can be raised.

How To Play and Win Clash of Lords 2

Make sure when installing and opening this game, you are already logged in your Facebook account.
The first step that must be done as soon as possible is a wake-up Town Hall, Heroes Hall, Gold Mine, Gold Vault, and wake Builder Shack to obtain enough workers at least two.
Make a raid into the opponent to earn Hero / Gold / EXP / Jewel
Make Fusion (combined) your hero character to increase the level of HP and ATK that are not easily lost
Search Gold select Attack – Resources Raid
Search Trophy select Attack – Lords League
Jewel thrifty use because it is difficult to come by, and do not use to speed up the building or generate Leader who has lost a fight. Use to swap 450 Jewel with 3 Hero. If lucky, you can get Artic Lord greatest hero.

Preparation Playing Games Pokemon Go for Smartphone

People costumed as the game's characters participate in a Pokemon Go search during a gathering of players Wednesday, July 20, 2016, in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Pokemon GO became a popular smartphone game recently, what does not, this game is like realizing your dream to capture Pokemon in the real world! Here are tips and tricks to play Pokemon GO:

Pokemon games GO is an online travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokemon for Android Smartphone and iPhone devices are recently being warm in talking. With GO Pokémon you can find many types of Pokemon who are located around the globe and train the following things you should prepare before playing Pokemon Go

1. Make Preparations in Started


Before downloading Pokemon GO, it helps you know Smartphone Requirements and Specifications. This step is very important. If you can not meet this requirement, your dreams become a Pokemon Trainer will fade away.

System Smartphone for Compatible Pokemon Go

Android 4.4 to Android 6.0.1 (Android N -Nougat- not support)
Recommended resolution of 720 × 1280 pixels
Current internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G)
GPS and Location Services
Does not support Intel CPUs

iPhone 5+
iOS 8+
Current internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G)
GPS and Location Services
IOS does not support that ‘jailbreaking’ (jailbroken)
After your Smartphone Requirements and Specifications are met, it is advisable to buy an extra battery. These batteries will be very useful considering playing Pokemon GO Smartphone battery will drain quickly. Also make sure you buy internet packages enough to not run out in the middle of the road while you play.

2. Know Variation Type Pokemon with Good


If you’ve played the previous Pokemon series, of course you are already familiar with the 18 Type Pokemon. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses against other types. For example, a Fire-type Pokémon are superior against Grass-type Pokémon, Pokémon type Grass is superior against Water-type Pokémon and Water-type Pokémon are superior against Fire-type Pokémon.

3. Capture All Pokemon You Meet !


Maybe some of you have a separate option on what Pokemon you want to capture. But if you decide to not want to catch Pokemon that is near you, the following points can you make as consideration:

Capturing Pokemon means getting XP. If you catch Pokemon is Pokemon you’ve never had before, you’ll get a Bonus XP!
You will get Candy to each Pokemon that you managed to capture.
Getting Candy is important in Pokemon GO. Candy can be used to amplify and evolve Pokemon. Pokemon that have evolved far more powerful than the Wild Pokemon you catch. For example, Ivysaur evolving from Bulbasaur is much stronger than the Ivysaur you caught in the wild.

4. Know Candy Number You Need


Each Pokemon has needs different Candy to evolve. For example, Bulbasaur need 25 Candy to evolve into Ivysaur, Caterpie need 12 Candy to evolve into Metapod and Magikarp need 400 candy to evolve into Gyarados.

5. Visit Pokestop Pokemon


Been to Pokestop will be new to your routine. Pokestop is a place where you can get a Pokeball, Egg and various types of items such as potions and Revive. Pokestop can you meet in monuments, places of worship (such as mosques, churches, etc.) and other historic buildings.

6. Use the Master Ball in Place


Using Master Ball to catch the regular Pokemon can be said to be a big mistake. Master Ball is the most powerful type of Pokeball and very rare in Pokemon GO. Use Master Ball just to catch the Mythical Pokemon or Legendary!

The further you play, you will find a strong and rare Pokemon, the more powerful and rare Pokemon, the more difficult to catch with a Poke Ball ordinary. If you can not catch Pokemon Poke Ball because of the type you are not strong enough to catch it, you’re forced to say goodbye to the Pokemon you encounter.

7. Evolution Pokemon


The majority of Pokemon that your pet has evolved and will have CP (Combat Power) is greater than the Wild Pokemon of the same type. So better to preserve them from the small and help evolve to a higher level than the capture wild Pokemon that is already on the highest level of evolution.

8. Transfer Pokemon Not Needed

Pokemon that you have can be transferred to Professor Willow, instead, every Pokemon you have already transferred will be exchanged with Candy. Transfer is very useful if you have more than one Pokemon same.



But before you decide to transfer Pokemon you have, compare the same stat Pokemon. For example, you have two Charmander, determine which of those have a larger CP, attack better, etc. Transfer Charmander which had the ugliest stat you think to Professor.

9. Meet the Pokemon Trainer Other


For starters, you can meet up with other Pokemon Trainer to simply share information, trading Pokemon, make gym and other defenses. Although Pokemon GO can be played alone, playing and learning from the experiences of others can boost your knowledge of Pokemon GO much better!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This game requires concentration and your sensitivity during real-world adventure. Note the surrounding environment well, do not walk daydreaming while playing and do not ever play while driving for the sake of your safety.