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Castle Clash Hack Hero Legend of Cheats Unlimited Gems

Game castle clash popular once the war games that have a leader of a powerful hero, in this game hero is composed of three classes namely hero could, elite and legend, not all the players of this game has a hero legend as to obtain a hero legend is difficult and most have to collect a considerable cost, therefore, to overcome that I will provide a solution for you on how to obtain a hero legend.


To identify whether a hero or hero was whether ordinary hero, elite or legend we can try to find out by the following ways:

a. Ordinary Hero
for ordinary hero is synonymous with aura or glow green under the hero.
b. Hero Elit
for a hero who is synonymous with a blue aura and the hero is tingkatanya higher than usual hero.
c. Hero Legend
to hero legend besides this more special because it has a strong special force and also damage it produces is also quite big so it is not easy to obtain, hero legend itself is identical with a purple aura.

How Can Hero Legend In Castle Clash

In obtaining the legend hero we have to know beforehand what whatever you need to consider and you need to prepare, consider the good either so you can easily understand it and you will obtain a hero of this legend.

1. Gather the Gems Enough Minimal 150

Get to be able to obtain a hero legend we must provide gems sufficient in order to obtain a hero legend that we want, but in this occasion hero legen generated are usually assigned randomly and to be able to have the gems that enough should we not use gems us for something else such as accelerating the development or the other.

2. Choose the Right Time When Doing Rolling

Rolling itself is the means used to swap gems with a hero where we can use Rolling this hero at random on an inter-hero and most people who do not know the exact time result in failures when Rolling so the hero gained not hero legend but a hero regular or elite, now for the right time when going rooling preferably at the time:
Upload entry or the game is between the hours (04:00 to 04:15, and 18:00 to 18:15 09.00-09-14). time after entry into the games try not to perform other activities so the point when we run our games directly to the altar hero and doing rolling with jewels or gems

How to Castle Clash Hack Resource

Castle clash hack is a combat strategy video game that was created by IGG. This is a game where you are expected to build and secure a territory against other players on your map and surrounding. After building your territory, you should use several tactics and strategies to expand your empire and protect yourself from any possible enemy attacks. You can also step out of your zone to fight your enemies, challenge other players for war, or pit your heroes against other players in the arena and monsters in the dungeon.

As you build and battle your way to glory, you obtain a legion of powerful heroes and an army of mythical creatures like dwarfs elves and robots. The size and experience of your army will determine your success. As you proceed, you are expected to build an impenetrable fortress for your empire while creating an ultimate army for your troops, who you will lead you to victory when in battle.

To move higher and further in the game, you have to build and upgrade your empire’s attack buildings which you will use to hire troops and establish your heroes. Defensive buildings used to protect you when you are offline and resource buildings which act as the storage place for your gold and other resources that you may acquire, and also to generate mana. The town hall is the main building. Upgrading it will add value to all of your buildings. Other halls and towers should also be developed and maintained since they strengthen your whole establishment.

Your success will also be determined by how well you select and craft your heroes and how good you develop your troops. These are special units that are used for battle. They take part in raids, quests, hero expeditions, hero trials, here be monsters, and even challenging other bosses in competitions. The skills and strengths of your heroes and troops will increase with their experience and success in the battles, raids and other challenges.


castle clash cheats features

  • Unlimited resources generation
  • No daily cap for any users
  • No download needed for castle clash hack tool
  • Works from Browser ( Internet Explorer, Mozzila, Safari etc )
  • Anti ban technology throught MD5 encryption method
  • Only requires game username for resources generation
  • Frequently updated castle clash hack
  • Auto proxy Selector and checker

How to Reason Use Castle Clash Free Gem Hack

Although this castle clash is free game, you will need to cash the game to find the important feature or the sources in the game very well. Moreover, this Castle Clash Free Gem Hack will offer the free game without any difficulties. Mostly, the game will need to purchase certain feature to increase the ability of the game.

Therefore, we offer the hack tool to facilitate you for cost-free cheat technique very well. With this idea, you will get unlimited gold which can finish any obstacle in the game without any difficulties.

How to use Castle Clash Hack Gems and Gold

To apply this hack tool is not too difficult because you can get the simple steps. Basically, to apply this hack generates, you only need to use your castle clash user name ID and you also can generate this resource without any difficulties. To know more about this usage, here are some steps for you to know as well.

  1. Go to the online hack from the button provided in here.
  2. Typing your username ID.
  3. Start typing the amount of mana, gold, and game which you want to hack.
  4. Finally, click Generate button and wait for the resource to send the personal account.

Moreover, you also should remember that this one only has limited in each day for each resources. However, you will get the satisfaction idea when you have this Castle Clash Hack because this hack tool will be useful in playing the game. Furthermore, you also can upgrade the game as fast as you want to upgrade because you will have castle clash hack unlimited gems and gold.

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