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The movie done by Mitchum

The movie done by Mitchum

Yet after that it obtains excellent, with a 71 Chevy Nova made use of as a weapon and later on an automobile chase with a 69 Charger and a 70 Vanishing Factor Challenger. The movie is suggested to seem like a 70’s Slasher movie crossed with Vanishing Point. If you’re a Mopar guy inspect this one out! Roadway Racers 1994 – This movie is called Road Racers nevertheless they is just one brief race in the movie, and 2 Automobile Goes after. The movie opens up with an Auto chase in between a 56 Chevy being chased by the cops 56 Buick all to a badass Rockabilly song! There is greaser violence not Oil greaser physical violence yet like the Outsiders with a 90’s wit spin, there is excellent Rockabilly music from Glen Glenn, Hasil Adkins and Johnny Reno!

Rumbling Road 1958 – Let me inform the story, I can tell all of it … Actually let’s let Robert Mitchum inform you the story he can do it much better. This Mitchum has to do with Running Moonshine in Tennessee in the 50’s and attempting not to get captured be the revenuers. It has a variety of insane vehicle goes after featuring a 50 Ford Coupe, 57 Ford Fairlane, a 56 Chevy undercover cars and truck that can scam cars bumpers and a song regarding himself!

The movie done by Mitchum

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Stunned and Baffled 1993 – I have actually been Stunned and Puzzled for so long its not true! Which sadly that tune is not in this movie it was expect to be and Jimmy Paige was for it however Plant wasn’t. This movie is sort of like the Putlocker movies 70’s version of American Graffiti other than it’s the opening night of summer not the last and the primary character is entering Senior high school. Anyway they is a car chase between a 64 Buick and 72 Chevy Truck, there is a 70 Chevelle SS 454, 70 GTO Court, Ford Maverick, 37 Oldsmobile and a 74 Trans Am!

Tales of the Crypt: King of the Road 1992 – OK I existed this set is not a movie; it is an episode from HBOs scary series Stories of the Crypt. Why is this Watch movies online for free movie on the listing? WHY ISOUT THE CHECKLIST? As soon as the episode opens we are welcomed with a 69 yellow Chevelle SS street racing a 69 Red Dodge Charger to a shaking song by Warren Zevon. Later we obtain a car chase with the Chevelle SS and a police vehicle and at the end a Street race with the Chevelle SS vs. a 57 Chevy Gasser!