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Trick Play Games Boom Beach and Review Without Diamond

After getting huge success of some kinds of game titles pocket Clash of Clans and Hay Day, the game developer Supercell did not stop innovating. As a result, the Finnish developer has finally released a new game with the theme of war strategy called Boom Beach.


This time the theme was the atmosphere of war with the terrain along the waterfront secluded island. is Players will be required to be a high ranking troops coming in a seaside village and set up camp defense. The story continues when hordes of evil that calls itself Blackguard come and want to colonize every place on the island chain. With the help of our forces must be able to defend themselves while expanding our territory.

Which is a key differentiator Boom Beach with CoC addition to the theme of his battles but also the Clan system is abolished. But to play with Beachers (called Boom Beach players online) can still be done.

Initially Supercell first released as a game Boom Beach #iOs but in the mid 2014’s the end game comes also to the users of the gadget #android. Regarding the specifications of the gadget which has minimal use of android version 4.0 and above. And do not forget to provide spare to accommodate memory of 46 MB this game.

You yourself will play as a captain who must fight against the powers Blackguard which controls each island in your region. The inhabitants of the island were kidnapped into slavery. Well, it’s your job to free them all by attacking each island one by one with the troops that you have.


Feature Game Boom Beach

Some of the main features presented game Boom Beach namely:

Various themed folder beaches and tropical island that holds many challenges.
Real time online system that makes it possible to play along with thousands of others around the world Beachers.
Blackguard attacks from bases scattered in various parts of the archipelago.
Coin system and crystals to upgrade in-game items.

Boom Beach is also where players arrange their own headquarters is wrapped by a small island. Only, this game still relies IAP or in-app-purchases, that we have to spend some money to buy a Diamond that the construction and development Trooper settled quickly.

Well, now I’ll share a few tips and advice so that you can with a terrific play Boom Beach without diamond.


Vault (Storage Facility) is the most important thing

In Boom Beach, Vault should you continue to upgrade in order to reach the highest level, because the higher the level of Vault that you have, then the more resource that can be secured from the opponent’s attack.

Another reason why the Vault is very important for you to upgrade as much as possible is the island that has become a base you will not be protected by a shield like the Clash Of Clans. So whenever and anybody could easily attack your base.

Do Glued to Upgrade Headquarter


As we know, that every Headquarter Upgrade Experience levels require different Ponts. Well, the only way to improve the Experience Points are a way to upgrade on each building, such as the Gold Produce, Wood and Vault, it will by itself resources needed to upgrade Headquarter aka fulfilled.

Do not Hurry, Be patient

Here is the point he exclaimed, when troops attacked you die when you need to upgrade or even a building for a long time, please be patient and just wait, do not act rashly to use the Diamond you have, especially if you have issued a ‘pocket’ to buy a sack of Diamond.
By waiting and patience, we can have a look around and looking for ideas for the next attack, and this game does not require people to get bored quickly. Because you have a real life, enjoy.

Smart and Engineered in choosing Troopers

You need to know about Trooper is how they work when attacking. Each Trooper has a way of attacking different, note range, and damage his health. Before you attack, note, any weapon that will be encountered and approximately Trooper what is suitable to deal with such weapons.

At this point, of the expertise and skill you will be prosecuted in choosing Trooper who really can destroy the opponent’s defense. Not only Trooper, strategies and the exact timing will make you stronger in attack.

Learning from defeat, Watch Replay!

No Base is really strong, all Base would be defeated, including our own Base. Only, of course there are ways to fix these shortcomings, namely by looking at how the enemy to attack, from which, through which, using what and how, of course all that we can see from Replay.
Each of us is attacked, it will be seen Logs her, whether defended or raided, and there is no option to ‘Replay’, please learn and improve and do not repeat previous mistakes.

Focus Upgrade Landing Craft and gunboat!

Why do I recommend this? Due to the more and more frequent in the Upgrade Landing Craft, it forces you to be more and more, and of course you attack will become stronger.


Besides Landing Craft, do not forget to upgrade its gunboat also, let attacks more steady. Because both of these are a tool for us to attack the enemy.

Upgrade and Expand Statue, It’s Important!

Many have put aside Statue, these statues are not so noticeable contribution if they are in the lower level, but if you are devoted to this Statue upgrade, then the result will look.

With the Statue, you can get a wide range of additional powers, such as additional blood or even damage your troops will increase, which is more interesting, you can loot so many times.


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